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The Origins and Meaning of the Tree of Life – Style Guide Enclosed

The Tree of Life symbol has become more or less ubiquitous today. Some choose to wear it as statement jewelry, some show it off as a spiritual tattoo motif while others like to adorn their homes with exotic Tree of Life artwork. Representing Heaven, Earth and everything in between, the Tree of Life is seen […]

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Work from home Fashion: The Jewellery edit

Work from Home? YES please! It’s a collective dream to work from home, in our funky pyjamas, not caring about how we look, just us and our screens… working away. But wait a minute! What about that team meeting which has to be done over video call? Or what about the meeting with your boss about […]

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Work From Home Fitness: The Yoga Edition

For the ultimate work from home fitness, yoga is all you need! Read on to know more about the different yoga exercises and their benefits! Needless to say, 2020 has been a life-changing year for most of us. Things we could not have imagined have become the new normal. It is very likely that the […]

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Surya Namaskar: Steps and Benefits

Hello lovely people! We are back with a new post to tell you what we have been upto! So many of us, around the world have spent our time in complete lockdown. Just been at home, unable to step out, even for a short walk. A major part of our days (and a lot of […]

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Necklace Length Guide:
Everything you need to Know for both women and men

WOMEN – Necklace Length Guide The necklace length for women depends on the type of neckline they choose to wear. There are six different necklace lengths for women. They are listed below: CHOKER: Necklace length – 14 inches As the name suggests, it looks like a Choker and wraps pretty close around the neck. It […]

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