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Let your child have their very own pet Stegosaurus as a part of their Dino Nursery. Grab our other dinosaur ornaments here to complete this Jurassic quintet.

Did you know? Just like the Brontosaurus, The Stegosaurus is also a veggie-dinosaur. What better way to get your munchkin to eat their veggies, than have their favourite dino also do the same!

Width: 7.5 inches | Height: 5 inches (including wooden beads) | Depth: 1.25 inches

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From babies to toddlers and even older kids, no one can resist the wacky charm of dinos and the Jurassic age. Unleash your child’s imagination and keep them busy for hours as they explore this one of a kind, handcrafted plush Stegosaurus Dinosaur Ornament. It also works brilliantly as a cycle charm for a slightly older child.

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Our felted plushies are extremely versatile!

  • You can hang them on the wall, tie them to a crib, curtain rod, doorknob, baby’s stroller and even dangle them from your car’s rearview mirror!
  • The opportunities for sensory play are limitless.
  • They also make for unique accessories for a gift or diaper bag.
  • They work as unique, handmade party favours, new mom gifts, as well as bespoke storytelling and learning aides.
  • Toddlers and older kids can use them as shadow play puppets and show and tell toys.
  • You can use them as standalone ornaments in your child’s bedroom or pair them up with some of our other felt similar-themed ornaments.

Each plush stuffed element is lovingly hand cut and hand-switched in a pet-free environment. Then it is filled with hypo-allergenic polyester stuffing and hung from a thin cord. Made with premium quality fabric, it is extremely safe to your baby’s touch.

Materials: felt, wooden beads, cord, polyester stuffing, embroidery thread

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